Half a century of experience and continuous growth have helped establish PIRIOU as a leader in the fields of shipbuilding and ship repair for medium sized vessels.  


From 1965 to the end of the eighties, PIRIOU earned its solid reputation in the world of construction and repair of traditional fishing boats as well as of semi-industrial fishing vessels. With the early nineties came the beginning of sector diversification, in both its shipbuilding and ship repairing activities, starting with the jumboization of a trawler from 50 to 70 m and the construction of a 70 m oil rig supply vessel.  

In line with its focus to remain competitive and meet customer expectations, PIRIOU set up branches overseas from 2001 to 2006. with the establishment of three production sites: Mauritius, Nigeria and Vietnam, as well as a research department in Poland.  

Thanks to the adaptation of its successful engineering approach (study, supply and logistics) to suit its world wide industrial sites, the PIRIOU group brings global customized solutions to its customers, from ship design, to shipbuilding and ship repair and in-service support during production.

PIRIOU has become a French group internationally oriented and the group's 3 activities are being performed in France, Nigeria, Algeria and Vietnam.